Welcome to our New Circus Acts page.

Welcome to our New Circus Acts page,

Please pop back from time to time, more and more of our acts will be added to this page over the next few weeks.

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Multi-talented circus performers.Natalie & Kate aerial acts include the disciplines of Silk, Hoop and rope, all themed for various characters and fully costumed. Other skills include juggling balls and clubs and acro balance. Fun and vibrant performers who add a touch of sparkle to any event.

Silks: A beautiful and hypnotic act. Natalie  & Kate suspend high in the air, twisting and contorting with poise, skill and grace both girls are available to book as a part of an act or individually.

Full length of act 6mins but can adapt to given event.

Aerial Hoop: Solo - A lyrical act, with smooth, flowing contortions.

Full length 5 mins but again can adapt to given event.

            Areal Silks                                                               Areal Hoops





Rigging Specifications

Group Aerial Silks

 Min. rig height in venue from structural point to floor is 4.5m and ideally 7-9m.

 Structural points are required, one per performer, a minimum of 2.5m apart.

Access to points to be provided via ladder, cherry picker with operator or similar.

Total loading for each structural point tested at min. 300kg.    Silks must have min. 2m clearance from any aerial or floor obstacle, reducing to 1m min. clearance at the rigging point (i.e. away from lights/speakers truss. The silks must be 2m clear of any floor or aerial obstacle up/downstage.

Height restrictions:  the performer cannot perform higher than 10m.



Juggler, Unicyclist, Fire Eater and Slapstick Artist.


Multi talented Stumpy otherwise known as Frumpid Stumplestone will entertain the crowds with his unique slapstick humor while performing various circus acts including Unicycle riding, Juggling & Fire Eating.




Razor Pariah

Multi talented performer specializing in Stilt walking and Fire shows





This multi talented performer has been performing professionally for many years with Fire fingers, Fire fans, Fire staff; double or single, Fire swords( with combat), Fire flail on skin and Fire whips, also angle grinding & Fire eating

  Razor Pariah has been a stilt walker for over 12 years and has a wide variety of costumes.

She loves performing for all ages and can alter the performance for adults or children.

Razor has worked at venues and festivals all over the world including the  Henley Festival, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, London Boat Show, Alton Towers (including their Scare fest), Lincoln Castle Easter Extravaganza, Womad in the Canaries, Decadence Night Club Bologna Italy, Sonisphere Festival, Bizarre Magazine and Club night, Birmingham NEC Gatecrasher Ball, Bournemouth Ink Tattoo Convention, Skin Two Rubber Ball, Club Antichrist London,





We have a wide variety of acts on our books please get in touch if you have a particular type of act in mind as we may have what you are looking for on our books even if they aren't listed here.



If you are an act that would like to join our agency please send your CV to jobs@knight-entertainment.com  and include a description of your act a few photographs showing you performing (if you don't have any suitable photo's contact us to arrange a photo shoot with our photographer)


We are particularly interested in the following.



  • Juggler's

  • Fire eaters

  • Stilt walkers

  • Clowns

  • Acrobats

  • Contortionists

 To book an act please Email:   Bookings@knight-entertainment.com

To join our agency please Email: jobs@knight-entertainment.com

 or Telephone: Paul Knight on 07429 488 761