Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Disco's FAQs
  • How much do you charge?  
All prices are worked out on an individual event basis but as a rough guide please take a look at our Disco prices page.
  • Do you have a good variety of music? 
Yes we have well over 70'000 tracks covering the 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's and 00's including every UK Number 1 from 1952 (When the charts started) up to today, all on original CD's no dodgy downloads or copies.
  • What music will you play? 
What ever you and your guests want within reason, we will play what ever the crowd are responding to and try to avoid any track that will clear the dance floor or spoil the mood. As a rule we will play a good cross section of music so that everyone at your wedding or function will have a good time,
  • Do you accept requests? 
Yes of course, we encourage requests as it enables us to play exactly the music you and your guests want.
  • Can I choose songs for you to avoid playing? 
Yes of course you can, we understand that some music can remind you of sad times like the loss of a friend or relative or it reminds you of an ex that you would rather forget, or you just simply don't like a certain song. We want everyone to have a good time and have big smiles not sad faces and tears.
  • What happens if your equipment breaks down? 
All of our equipment is regularly serviced and PAT tested and we only use the highest quality equipment so it is very unlikely that it will break down but if it does we have enough equipment and spares to keep the party going  and our DJ experienced enough to be able to get things up and running again very quickly usually without the guests even noticing that something went wrong.
  • What happens if you become ill and are unable to attend our function? 
In over 20 years of DJing this has never yet happened but if it does we have plenty of professional associates that we can call on to take over if the worst should happen.
  • Do you have a good light show? 
We have one of if not the best light show of any mobile Disco in the country we use some of the best high end lighting on the market our rig is worth more than most people will pay for a brand new luxury car. There are many mobile disco's out there that claim to have the best light show but none of them use the level of high end lighting that we use, some of our equipment has been specially imported from the best and most respected manufacturers in the world and not available to other DJs in the UK and some of our rig has been professionally custom made for us so no other DJ in the world will have a rig quite like ours.
  • Will you get drunk? 
Absolutely not I never drink alcohol while working.
  • Are you able to  colour my venue with lights up lighting the walls and features?
Yes we have various options available and we are more than happy to quote you for this we can also supply silk flame machines and other lighting to compliment our up lighting.
  • Do I get a contract? 
Yes we always supply a legally binding contract that confirms all details relating to your event to give you peace of mind and protect all parties.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit? 
Yes we require a minimum of 20% deposit from all new customers to secure your booking, terms and conditions apply.
  • How much power will you need? 
For most gigs a minimum of two 13amp sockets are required or one 16amp C form socket is required but for large gigs we may require more please contact us for more information on power requirements.
  • When will I need to pay the balance of the money I owe you? 
No later than the day of the function if paying by cash or at least 10 days before if paying by cheque
  • What will you wear? 
Usually a smart suit with a matching shirt and tie but I am more than happy to wear a more formal outfit like a tuxedo for black tie do's or dress down for less formal functions if requested.
  • I want to book you for a Children's party are you CRB checked? 
Yes I am CRB checked and more than happy to email a copy of the certificate to the school or who ever needs to see it.
  • Is your equipment PAT tested? the venue we have booked has asked. 
Yes all of our electrical equipment is PAT tested and as an extra precaution we check and double check everything every time we use it.