Our Equipment 

The page below shows some but by no means all of the equipment we have at our disposal to put on a show you and your guests will remember forever.

 The Equipment below is just a small selection of what we have available, please note that we use the quantity and type of equipment that best suits your chosen venue & budget, the equipment shown on this page shows those most frequently used items in our vast arsenal. Please phone or use our price guide page to give you an idea of what size set up you will need based on the number of guests that will be attending and the capacity of the venue. obviously, a set up designed for up to 50 guests will not be suitable for a venue with a capacity of 200 guests and vice versa so please select the size that is appropriate & please feel free to consult us and your chosen venue for guidance.


Kam Stratosphere Ghost

Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, & UltraViolet 6 in 1 LEDs

give these fixtures an almost limitless colour mixing palette.

A Classic Mirror Ball effect for the 21st Century.




ADJ V.Bar Pak.

5x Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White 5 in 1 LED Lighting bars. A very versatile Dimmable lighting fixture with remote that has the capability to create every colour of the rainbow by mixing the colours, perfect for band lighting & up lighting.


ADJ Inno Roll LED

DMX Barrel Mirror Scanner



ADJ Inno Scan LED x4

DMX Moving Mirror Scanners


Martin Roboscan Pro 218 moving mirror scanners




Chauvet 250 watt moving mirror scanners




Fal 2000 Professional moving mirror scanners




 Robe 150 XT Moving Head Spots


Robe XT160 Moving Head Spots


Multiple RGB LED PAR 64 Plus Flood lights / Up lighters

These High output DMX Controlled  LED Par cans with RGB Colour mixing 0-100% Dimming, Static, Fade, strobe and variable speed chase patterns and sound to light are Perfect for uplighting walls and pillars to match your chosen colour scheme as a static wash or colour changing mood effect and can also e used as band lighting  with beat matching colour changes and chase patterns. 





10 x RGB Slim Par flood lights with Remote (Stand Alone, DMX and Master Slave operation)

Ideal for  Up Lighting or Band lighting  





Pulse Compact PAR LED
(Truss Warmers)




ADJ Dual Gem Pulse IR

The Dual Gem Pulse IR produces two effects in one! It is a dual lens Moonflower effect with red, green and blue beams and a white strobe effect. 

ADJ Xpress LED Moonflower


Rainbow Beam LED




 2x 1.5meter RGB LED Silk flame machines



All of our LED light fittings can produce any colour from this colour wheel  RGB stands for Red Green Blue which are the same three colours computer monitors and televisions use to produce a picture.





Lighting Computers & Controllers.

Transcension 4 channel Controller
four channel controller with 16 pre-set patterns and sound activation.
 Transention 4 channel Dimmer controller.
This is a four channel lighting controller with a comprehensive array of built-in patterns. With a total of 42 patterns and dimmer controls for each channel, it provides an excellent varying lighting display from this easy and versatile control unit. we mainly use this to control our front screens and Par can flood lights!
Universal DMX512 controller operates up to 12 lights, 30 banks of 8 scenes for a total of 240 scenes. 6 chase's each up to 240 scenes. 8 faders adjust DMX output level, 2 faders control chase speed and fade time. MIDI compatible. Built-in mic for sound to light. & a Blackout function. We use this lighting computer to control our DMX-compatible lighting!


Transcension show control DMX operator II

The DMX operator II  is a comprehensive lighting controller for up to 12 scanners with a maximum of 16 DMX addresses per scanner. 240 programmable scenes are available in 30 banks and 6 complete chase programs, the control unit has a speed control option and can also be set to audio synch operation. Full pan/tilt, black out, fade controls and 8 faders give maximum DMX capabilities. Midi interface, LCD display black-out and master control are also part of the vast array of functions that make this an excellent professional choice for a DMX lightshow.


Transcension DMX Switch Packs
The switch pack has 16 built in chase programs and the added benefit of being able to switch between a 1-channel, 2-channel or 4-channel power pack. With speed control and LCD display, can easily be switched to set the lighting system to various chase patterns.
We use this switch pack to control our band lighting, as a stand alone unit but we can also connect it to our DMX computer for even more control!


We have 4 lasers available a green Tunnel Laser a Twin red tunnel lasers a Reg& Green 3D Laser and Red & Green Cluster star effect laser.

Projects pin sharp laser beams onto super-fast motorised mirrors creating swirls, tunnels, box's and various other geometric shapes that are then reflected around the room, these lights work best when used with our fog and haze machines in a dark environment.




IMG-Stage Line LSX-300TE RGB Laser

Multi coloured Laser effect with graphic animation capabilities. *

*Please note for safety reasons some of out laser effect can only be used where it is possible to erect the unit so that guests can't stare into the beam 



Strobe Lights

1x Anytronics Super Star Strobe Light

( Fast flashing super bright white light) 


1x ADJ 800W Mega Flash DMX Strobe


1x LED DMX Controllable strobe light


 2x Midi Strobes 


4x Mini Strobes


*Please Note that Stobe lights can trigger epeleptic fits
if you or any of your guests have photosensative Epelepsy.
please inform us immediately.


4x Fog & 1x Haze  Machines.

Helps to create atmosphere & makes the light beams show

(we use safe water based fog & Haze fluid!)*




1x Bubble Machines.

(Great to help keep the kids amused! also a nice effect for first dance photos!)

we have two of these Bubble machines each capable of putting out thousands of bubbles an hour, we do however try to keep their use to a minimum in venues where polished or very smooth floors are installed, due to the bubbles making the floor slippery!



1x FX Lab Snow Machine


4x Mirror Balls.

Reflects Hundreds of beams of light around the room, we also have mirror ball motors to rotate the balls and pin spot lights that project on to them to create that authentic Ballroom look 

requires a rafter or beam or other sturdy fixing to suspend them from the ceiling and a mains power supply for the larger mirror balls! 


2x Rope Lights.

Rope lights are ideal for highlighting the edges of stairs, hand rails, Cat walks & runways they can also be used to decorate and highlight a multitude of various other areas!



 7x Box Lights.

Otherwise known as Front Screens! these lights give an authentic 70s retro look and also hide unsightly cables & plugs! used with our sound to light computer controller & dimmer pack these screens will create a kaleidoscope of changing patterns and colours. 



 Multiple Spot Lights & Par Can Flood Lights.

(To light up any area with bright Colours)

Band & Stage Lighting. 

(To light up any live Band or Stage production)



 Heavy Duty Winch Stands & Professional Opti Trilite Trussing.

(this is the equipment that supports all the lighting effects)

For Safety We only use the best Professional, heavy duty Stands & Genuine Trilite trussing unlike many of our competitors who use cheap imitations we believe our customers deserve the best. we have loads or Trilight trussing enabling us to create many different combinations perfect for display stands at trade shows & Product Launches etc. As well as Back-drops for live bands and singers.  

Opti Trilight Truss bridge available in various sizes from stock.

Opti Trilight Truss custom front screen can be fitted with plain black cloth or white satin. The white satin can be illuminated from behind with any combination of colours or effects including laser clusters, we can also get custom banners made to fit with your company logo or any message or Bride and Grooms names for example.





Awesome Sound System.  

Our Sound System boasts some of the best equipment available with plenty of Power & Clarity for any size function from as small as your front room to the largest of Function Halls!  









Alto 24 channel 4 Bus Professional Stage Mixer

We use this mixer when working with Live Bands and Big Productions 



We tailor our sound and lighting to suit the venue size!

 We also have cordless Radio microphones available  

(Ideal for Speeches etc!)  



Ohm Speaker system

Ohm are genrally considdered to be one of the best manufacturers of PA Speakers in the world their sound quality and reliablity is outstanding which is why they are used by many of the big event specialists and production companies.
We use them for the same reason. Quality and reliability is paramount for us.

The above sound equipment is what we would usually use for our regular size discos

for larger events and concerts we can supply a sound rig of up to 35000 watts.

we also work alongside other companies to supply even bigger sound rigs. 


Our E
quipment is Constantly being updated so not everything we have will be shown in the lists above 

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* Please note not all of the equipment we have is shown in the photo's above this is just a small selection of our most used equipment to give you some idea of what is available.

We will bring what equipment you request or what we feel is appropriate for the size of venue and type of function you book us for, if you require a specific piece of equipment for example (A bubble machine) please contact us via our contacts page or phone us on 07429 488 761