We offer an in home personal portraiture service where you can have a photo shoot in your own home and be as daring as you like.

  Our approach is very simple, we want you to relax, to enjoy yourself, and to realize your dreams. There is never any pressure on you to reveal anymore than you are happy to reveal, or to do anything that you are not happy to do! Please remember that it is your desires that drive the shoot and not a standard format. We offer a discreet & personal service, only you & the photographer will see your shots what you do with them once you have received them is up to you. 

Why not surprise your partner and have some photographs taken just for them this makes a very sexy Valentines gift with a difference. or a great personal wedding day gift for your groom or bride to be.   


We have Portable Studio equipment so you can have your photo shoot any where you like! it is up to you to bring along your own special clothing and personal 'props' so you can plan in advance how sensual and sexy you want your shoot to be. Don't worry you will not shock us we are professional & very broadminded, and will do our best to capture your dreams in a sensual and creative way.


Most of our clients prefer to start off their shoot in some suggestive 'going out' clothes and then to gradually reveal more as their confidence grows. Naturally you can change clothes and props as many times as you like during your personal photo shoot.

Assuming you live within easy reach of us we can visit you prior to your shoot to have a relaxed meeting where we can get to know each other and to discuss how your shoot will unfold. This allows you time to think through what you would really like to do, how daring you want to be, and what you would love to bring to your own personal photo session.

Sessions normally last about two to three hours but there is no pressure or hurry we want you to relax and enjoy the experience. Sessions cost £250 and include up to ten 8x10 or A4 size full colour prints extra prints can be purchased if you require them. travel expenses will be added if you are more than 30 miles from our base in Southampton.



Phone:07429 488 761



We have a Private and exclusive Studio based on the edge of the stunning New Forest National Park hidden away from prying eyes and not overlooked by neighbors or passers by, so you can have your photo shoot safe in the knowledge that there will not be any one taking a sneaky look through the windows.


Tips to get the most out of your Photo shoot

and good advice for budding models.


  • Make sure you are well rested before your photo shoot you will not look your best if you're tired.
  • Drink plenty of water 2ltr per day is recommended it will help your skin to look supple and fresh.
  • Do not use fake tan before a photo shoot it makes your skin look dirty in photographs.
  • Make sure you are clean and washed everywhere sounds obvious but you would be amazed how many models turn up with grubby feet, food in their teeth or unwashed hair.
  • Make sure all your outfits are clean, pressed and ready to wear.
  • Make sure your shoes are immaculately clean and polished do not wear the same shoes on your way to a photo shoot as the ones you want to wear during your photo shoot, scuffed dirty shoes do not look good in photo's.
  • Always turn up on time making sure you leave enough time to get your hair and makeup etc done before your photo shoot is due to start.
  • Make sure your finger nails and toe nails are nicely polished and clean, chipped nail varnish is not a good look.
  • Make sure that any unwanted body hair is removed especially if you are having a nude photo shoot, bushy eye brows, under arm hair, hairy legs  and stubble anywhere never looks good on a woman. 
  • Do not bring your problems to your photo shoot your photographer is there to take photo's of you looking your best, you will not look your best if you are not relaxed, forget about your problems for a few hours and enjoy your shoot you will look much better if you are happy.

Don't worry if you aren't good at doing your own hair and make up etc we have our own in house stylists, make up artists and beauty therapist who are available to hire for your Photo shoot. Please give us plenty of notice before your photo shoot if you want us to organize someone to do your hair and make up for you.