Sound & Lighting hire.














What ever your requirements we can supply something suitable. See our Equipment page for some of the equipment available, if you require something you don't see please give us a call anyway because not all of our equipment is listed and we are constantly buying new, expanding and updating our range as well as having many contacts in the industry so what every your event big or small give us a call.

07429 488 761


Kam Quartet Cordless Microphone System 

(Colour Coded for ease of identification when in use on stage)



Alto Professional 24 Channel / 4 bus Live Mixing Desk





Remote control  3000 ansi lumens LED Digital 3D HDMI projector




Optional Projection Screen,

Heavy duty Laptop and Projector stand or truss mount bracket.



2x 1.5m RGB Silk flame effects  £50 the pair* per day  can be set to fade between different colours including Gas Blue Emerald green and Fire engine Red and a whole rainbow of other colours or set to a static colour




RGB LED Par 64  Up lighters £12 each* per day  can be set to almost any colour to match your theme  or run off a DMX system to allow chases and fades etc 

( 12 currently available from stock If you require more please let us know and we will try to source more in time for your event )








2m x 1.5m truss arch ideal for boxers entrance or sporting event finish lines etc £100* per day.

Can be illuminated with Par 16 Truss warmers with any colour gel to match your chosen colour theme.Par 16 truss warmers for Indoor use only, if required outdoors we have IP44 rated LED flood lights that can also be coloured with any colour gel to match your chosen theme or corporate colours.

(Taller or wider options are available please phone for details and prices)

 *Prices include local delivery and set up to within 25 miles of Eastleigh Hampshire, please phone for details and prices for outside 25mile radius. All orders subject to a minimum order of £50.


 Above is our Trilight truss rig set up over a full size boxing ring with 4x 400w flood lights on extended poles to light up the ring during bouts. 10x DMX computer controlled LED Par 64 colour changeable flood lights and 4x FAL 2000 professional club scanners to  create an electric atmosphere between bouts, which are controlled by our DMX Lighting computer so can be changed to Blue or Red to match the corner of the boxer or to any other colour of the rainbow. Also not shown in the photograph we have a Trilight truss arch to create an exciting entrance for the boxers, with 4x Robe moving head club scanners, Strobes, Lasers, Smoke machines and a whole host of other effects to create the ultimate WOW factor and really impress visitors to your boxing event. for rigs this size We usually set up the day before your event and take down day after. For prices and availability call 07429488761 See our guest book page to see some of the comments we have had on our boxing event set ups.


Above is a photo of the boxers Truss Entrance arch with Sound & Lighting supplied by us. (Steps, chairs, curtains etc where supplied by the customer)
We can also suply truss tunnels as well as arches

For boxing and other sporting events we also have stunning  Ring girls   for hire to add a touch of glamour to your boxing or fight night event.


 Our Ring girls come equipped with round cards and  appropriate attire to suit the event, we can also supply them with outfits printed with team colours or advertising subject to being given enough notice to source and print them. Cost of printing and outfits will depend on what you require. 


Phone 07429488761 for bookings information and prices